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Huge, textural artwork can make such an assertion in a place, but not all of us are capable to buy first art. So for individuals of us who usually are not art collectors, it truly is really not also difficult to make we possess large Abstract Wall Art!

oil paintings have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people

In recent years, oil paintings have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people. When decorating the wall of home or office, people often choose some watercolor paintings, Chinese paintings, and oil paintings. Especially the abstract oil painting is most popular with people.

In China, the painting market is roughly divided into three categories: Chinese painting, Western painting, and Folk painting.

Chinese paintings are about rhyme, interest, pen, and ink, but Western painting is not.

Wall decoration has entered a new height for modern Large Abstract Canvas Art. People are not satisfied with the tedious wall Large Abstract Wall Art decoration, which effectively improves the home style. When people go in, they can feel the master’s preferences and taste of life. The wall becomes rich and colorful and the use of decorative paintings makes the original dull wall vivid and bright in an instant. The role of decorative paintings is wonderful and become a new favorite of home decoration. No matter what decoration style, flower, and bird Chinese Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art can always match up with elegant style and add luster to the whole family.

Oil painting decoration, lighting the monotonous wall of the ordinary wall living room, we all think of using oil painting to improve the style of choosing oil painting and determine taste and artistic awareness of simple frame murals low-key and stable placed in the living room appears durable and fashionable atmosphere.

Handmade Abstract Painting decoration, lighting the ordinary wall without frame oil painting seems to be a natural elegant embellishment for the wall to enhance the personality of the entire decoration as long as such a small action can make the wall glow a new comfortable feeling.

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Characteristics of Western Modernist Oil Painting Wall Art

The so-called western modernist art refers to some schools of modern wall art developed in western countries from the beginning of the twentieth century - the Beast School, Cubism, Futurism, Dada School, Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstractionism, Pop Art and so on.

Horizontal Wall Art Large Abstract Paintings

The emergence of Western modernist art has its political, economic, cultural and philosophical historical origins, which are closely related to the process of modern western society. After the British bourgeois industrial revolution in the 17th century, a series of changes caused by the new technological revolution led to corresponding changes in the social structure, people's thoughts, consciousness, values, relations between people and so on. Reflected in the field of fine arts, the newly developed modern science, with its practical effects and achievements, has promoted people to adopt a more open attitude towards artistic innovation; the growing maturity of photography technology has seriously shaken the painting belief that imitation of nature is the whole purpose. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art , Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

Acrylic Painting Hand-painted Modern Abstract Wall Decor

the introduction of Oriental Art and African art represented by Japanese prints has greatly stimulated the simplification. Under the influence of Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche's philosophical thoughts and Freudian psychology, a group of painters opposed the repression of rationality and the shackles of tradition, attached importance to intuition and subconscious activities, artistically not satisfied with the reproduction of objective things, but focused on the "self-expression" of the heart; various contradictions and drawbacks of the Western real society, in particular, in the following aspects: The painter's works also produce direct or refractive reflection, so modern art is the inevitable product of the development of modern Western society. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

Large Abstract painting canvas shows love.As the saying goes:Men are married, women are married and for the reproduction of future generations and efforts, ancient China also pursued the door-to-door.What do you mean?It refers to the social status and economic situation of the two married persons and their families, large modern abstract art and the occupation is equal,which is very suitable for intercourse or marriage. Otherwise husband and wife discord,children suffer,and the impact is enormous.
What the ancients say is "the door-to-door pair" has its rationality. The way of life and culture of the family is inherited or evolved from a family generation,and it is not easy to change the environment even if there is a change in the environment. So the matchmaker profession was so popular at that time that they came to investigate the families of both sides, in order to be able to do the same thing.And in today's society, there have been no customs and habits at that time.

Set of 2 Extra Large Abstract Palette Knife Painting Yellow Wall Art
Set of 2 Extra Large Abstract Palette Knife Painting Yellow Wall Art

For the sake of love and luxury children, they are also married to women in the market.There are many interesting stories of all kinds. I will not say much, but there is a scene on an abstract painting canvas that is contrary to the social situation at that time.
It was also Russia in the 1860s,where a bent priest was carrying a wedding ring to the hand of a bride who seemed to be only 16 or 7 years old, and it was normal to ask questions.That's because you didn't know that the groom next to her was a white-haired,well-qualified grandfather-grade white-haired old man, with candles on both sides of the other hand, according to custom at the time.
The groom's eyes squinted at the ring that was giving the bride's hand, and the bride's face was helpless, her head lowered, her head turned into endless tears, but she was still unable to get rid of this misfortune. Perhaps she had already cried, and the bride's eyelids were swollen.His right hand was powerless to hold the pale candle.

Extra Large Abstract Painting, Yellow Abstract Painting, Set of 2 Wall Art, Wall Art Painting, Palette Knife Painting, Yellow, Purple, Taupe, Brown
Extra Large Abstract Painting, Yellow Abstract Painting, Set of 2 Wall Art, Wall Art Painting, Palette Knife Painting, Yellow, Purple, Taupe, Brown

These three are the main actors in this tragedy,and the others behind them are apparently relatives who have the same status as the groom, and may not be conspicuous enough, in a small corner on the right that no one has found.Standing a young man who was quite different from his relatives on the left, he folded his eyes on his chest, looking like a bystander, watching the farce with an abusive eye, and he was the author of the painting Porfirio.
The author of the large abstract painting canvas created this painting in 1862 that is called "A disproportionate marriage."The scene features close-up features focusing on the marriage of a crippled general to a young girl,which is a sinful act that took place in a solemn church.
Using this contrast,the painter revealed the ugliest social phenomenon in Russia at that time,and made a further criticism of the wedding ceremony of the weeping girl who sold her youth for the sake of official rank and money.So,this is one of the meaning of large abstract painting canvas to show the author and common people’s feelings.