Large abstract art for sale

Transparent painting is the oldest known painting technique of easel painting,Great Big Canvas dating back to the 15th century.
It is a traditional painting technique in Europe before the 19th century.
Transparent painting method basically is to undertake colour cover is dyed, make two kinds of color produce the 3rd kind of color through vision harmonic, although the 3rd kind of color that it and physics harmonic derive have same hue,
but visual effect is different, former more deep, have gem like burnish.

In the process of using transparent painting, the sketching relationship of a painting is completed without using color.
The so-called does not use color,Big Canvas Art  refers to the monochrome high-profile form of the composition and the volume sense of the image down.
Then, add the color in a clear, thin or gloss.

Transparent painting includes:

(1) transparent color reproduction.
In the background and the dark part of the main body of color with or less tone powder color for multi-layer cover, revealing the cloth and background color.

(2) transparent cover with thin bottom.
On the grey brown bottom of intermediate cadence with dark brown or silver-gray, draw a stricter plain color oil painting, after waiting for dry cover transparent color, transparent color avoids overmuch tone white, lest affect
For this, the plain oil painting that bottom draws needs to raise lightness in advance, leave room for color of multilayer cover.

(3) thick bottom transparent cover.
Refers to a transparent color on a thick, smooth surface and a smooth,Large Canvas Art concave surface.
Thick smooth surface refers to the first use of thick color when not dry, dry after the cover transparent color.
This method is mostly used in classical painting.
For example the skin receives light part multi-purpose thick besmear pigment, make its and the thickness of the dark part such as the background is opened a distance.
When thick paint is not dry, use brush to sweep gently smooth brush stroke to carry on smooth processing, after drying, cover transparent color again, can achieve the effect that is both thick and transparent crystal.

"Optical grey" is a visual effect of transparent painting.
After glazing with resinous gloss on tampera or oil base, the ancient artist applied a transparent or translucent covering layer to expose the colored layers through overlapping, which produces a bizarre transparent grey - "optical
This transparent grey has a different visual effect than the blended grey.
It's something that you can't do directly.
Rubens, who was known at the time for creating optical ash, told his students: "at least the last layer of color in the dark should be transparent."
Figure 29 is part of Rubens' painting.



In our child's room, place a few good large abstract arts, can let the room of the child add a lot of fun and beautiful result, how should want to undertake choosing and collocation to be able to let the adornment picture of the child room
have the best effect after all?


Room decoration painting - the matching principle of children's room decoration painting
1. The decoration of children's room with children's interests should select cartoon and other light and lively themes.
Good cartoon, in addition to decoration effect such as decoration atmosphere, can bring the children artistic enlightenment and perceptual cultivation.
So should choose the pattern that has cartoon interest when tie-in children room adornment picture, be like happy Yang Yang, sponge baby, winnie the pooh wait.

2. It is better not to choose the abstract postmodern decorative painting in the children's room for the enlightenment of children.
It is better to choose decorative paintings with enlightening education meaning, which can not only decorate but also inspire children's thinking and imagination.

3, small ornament Is in fact the so-called "small dot", in the adornment of children room is tie-in, choose a small adornment picture is right, as a result of the modern house prices high, so generally as the small bedroom of children
room, the space is little, so when choosing metope adornment ornament, choose relatively small adornment as small ornament.

4. Another important principle to simplify when matching is to simplify. There is no overly complex composition skills, and it is better to simply compose the composition, but the color combination is gorgeous.
The adornment effect of this kind of contracted and do not break lively adornment picture is very good.

Room decorative painting - children's room what to choose
The picture on the wall should be mainly positive.
To character is weak too introverted child, appropriate USES contrast and intense color, stimulate the development of nerve.
And to character too irritable child, quietly elegant color, conduce to build healthy state of mind.
Also appropriate chooses hand draw setting wall, beautification not only children room metope, let the child be able to give full play to imagination, and still can place the good wishes of parents to the child.
Colorful Spaces also help children's brain development, giving them a happy fairy tale life.
Accordingly, children room matchs a picture to be able to choose cartoon theme or relaxed and lively theme.
Also appropriate is hanged some of the character that accords with child interest and hobby, for instance the large abstract arts of pastoral style, or can hang a child oneself work, can be more beneficial to children's body and mind health.


How to pick Large Abstract Art
The postion to hang up the Large Abstract Art and the colors, generally in the wall opposite with the television set wall, namely back to the couch wall, will decorate just one to 3 decorative paintings, Due to the fact sofa is usually the protagonist in the dwelling room, the sofa is the center think about the family area decoration painting. Neutral color and light color sofa are well suited for warm colors with decorative art, red and other brighter colors sofa are well suited for a neutral tone or similar colors with attractive paintings.

The choice of colors is important: attractive paintings can be set up in many places, including the wall behind the TV SET, the bedroom. It can be hung on wall space such as kitchens and balconies. However, when suspending decorative paintings in these places, we ought to notice that we should choose styles to match different area.

It's the best to choose the same style of decorative paintings in the internal, You can also occasionally use one or two fully different styles of decorative paintings as ornaments, such as decorative works of art are extremely conspicuous, while the style is very obvious, with a solid visual impact, then you'd better match the style of furniture, sofa and so on.

Depart space for the wall structure: when choosing Abstract Art, you should give priority to the size of the space that you will hang the painting. In case there is enough room on the wall of the room, then you could choose a big modern or subjective painting to decorate, if the space is not large enough, you can only choose a compact decorative painting. it will not make the room depressed, but also can make the walls have slightly blank, ensuing in the overall aesthetic feeling.

Decorative painting style to be consistent: if you wish to hang decorative paintings of the house, if more spacious, the line of sight can see different space of several works of art. It is suggested that the style should be unified when choosing artwork. Including types, including the choice of sketch on the full use of draw; abstract paintings are all abstract paintings; frame style also needs to be the same. After the unification of these pieces, the style of the decorative works of art will be consistent.