large abstract arts-The Renaissance is a great cultural and ideological movement in the history of Europe.
In the late middle ages,Great Big Canvas Art the budding of capitalism gradually developed in European cities. Under this situation, the civilization of Greece and Rome was increasingly valued. A
new generation of Italian intellectuals began to consciously study the classical culture of Greece and Rome and regarded this culture as an ideal thing.
In their minds,Black and White Canvas Art the long medieval period of Christian rule was a dark middle stage, after which their mission was to restore life and
revitalize the golden age of ancient Greece and Rome.
In this period of Renaissance, people and the real world again attracted attention.Contemporary Canvas Art The resulting humanism became a powerful weapon against the
medieval religious theocracy and played a powerful role in the birth and establishment of a new world.HAND MADE LARGE ACRYLIC PAINTING ON CANVAS

Although some religious colors and forms are still retained, man has become the scale of all things and the center of the universe.

In Italy, new ideas and spirits are most vividly embodied in the field of fine arts.
The fundamental principles of reproducible classical art established by the italians have influenced the development of European art for centuries to come.

The humanism spirit of Renaissance also developed in other parts of Europe and was reflected in art.
The art of these regions has been influenced by Italian art as well as Italian art, and has always maintained its own characteristics.

The forerunner of Renaissance art appeared in the late middle ages, but its real comprehensive development and realization were in the 15th and 16th centuries.